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Have you noticed a crack in the foundations of your home? Do you want to fix it before it gets worse? Polyurethane crack repair is one of the many services we offer.


We can repair cracks from the inside or even from the outside. The product we use to repair cracks is highly resistant and has exceptional durability. The great flexibility of the product also makes it possible to fill the crack if it becomes slightly larger over time. It is therefore an excellent solution to prevent possible water infiltration.


If you want to have a dry basement free of moisture, the Delta MS foundation membrane is an excellent waterproofing solution that we offer among our many services.

The Delta MS foundation membrane is an ultra efficient way to waterproof your foundations and waterproof your walls. It allows water accidentally entering behind the membrane to flow freely to the peripheral sole drain.


The elastomeric membrane is elastic and protects your foundations while retaining its flexibility over a wide range of temperatures and provides excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces. In addition, the elastomeric membrane is seamless and can be applied to fresh or wet concrete. It is also excellent on concrete block foundations.

The elastomeric membrane is also environmentally friendly thanks to the absence of solvent (water-based). In addition, it complies with VOC standards.


The installation of tar will limit the risks by protecting your basement from humidity as well as from water infiltration and the deterioration of your foundations. Tar on foundation is a solution that meets the minimum standards of the Construction Code in Quebec.